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There are powerful natural ingredients with scientifically documented immune benefits that, when combined with zinc, selenium, vitamins C and D, can give YOU added protection against pathogenic threats.

The problem is trying to take all these ingredients when they’re only sold as individual products. Fortunately, now YOU can now get it all in a single product that makes supporting your immune system easier than ever!

With To Your Health’s IMMUNE HEALTH, you will get:

  • Vitamin D3 helps modulate both innate and adaptive immune responses through receptor sites on B- and T-cells.

  • Real Vitamin C Complex - Ascorbic acid and broad-spectrum bioflavonoids work synergistically to help our bo...

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Having a strong immune system is more important than ever today with the current challenges we face. Your Immune system is your insurance policy for maintaining good health; fight infections, and maintaining high performance. With IMMUNE HEALTH, our advanced immune support formula, you will be giving your body:

  • Clinically-Studied ingredients proven to support healthy immune response including RessistAid®, BFG-Immune®, and BerrySheild Elderberry Concentrate®

  • High-potency, Non-GMO Vitamin C & Powerful Bioflavonoids

  • Elderberry concentrate (unlike Elderberry extracts) providing superior, Full-spectrum Haschberg Elderberry Actives

  • Reishi Mushroom Fruiting Body Extract providing Active...

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Quercetin is a component that keeps you active and energized. This powerful flavonoid antioxidant offers a positive impact on your overall health.


  • Fights Free Radicals

  • Boost Immunity

  • Fights Inflammation

  • Combats Allergies

  • Helps Fight Pain

  • Protects Skin Health

  • Prevents Infections

  • Reduces the risk of Heart Disease

  • Helps lower High Blood Pressure

  • Protects Liver Health

  • Aids in Exercise Performance

  • Helps Maintain General Health

  • Helps Prevent Neurological Diseases

Make sure you are adding Quercetin to your diet by drinking To Your Health's SUPREME HEALTH!


Initially submitted October 29, 2014; accepted for publication April 15, 2015

This study’s objective was to investigate healthy aging in older French adults 5 years after a period of daily nutritional-dose supplementation with antioxidant nutrients. The study was based on the double-blind, randomized trial, Supplementation with Antioxidant Vitamins and Minerals (SU.VI.MAX) Study (1994–2002) and the SU.VI.MAX 2 Follow-up Study (2007–2009). During 1994–2002, participants received a daily combination of vitamin C (120 mg), β-carotene (6 mg), vitamin E (30 mg), selenium (100 µg), and zinc (20 mg) or placebo. Healthy aging was assessed in 2007–2009 by usi...

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You are constantly exposed to viruses – in the air you breathe, things you touch, and water you drink. To avoid viruses like the Coronavirus there are steps you can take to minimize risks.

The following are things you can do to support your immune system to help fight off viruses:

  • Eat natural foods & herbs

  • Supplement with quality vitamins such as SUPREME HEALTH!

  • Exercise

  • Drink plenty of purified water

  • Wash hands with soap and water

  • Get plenty of sleep

  • Minimize stress in your life

  • Avoid consuming raw or undercooked meat

  • Avoid people who are sick




Whey Protein is considered a complete protein as it contains all of the 9 essential amino acids. It also has the highest combined BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acid) content out of all the other types. That is why Whey Protein Powder is considered the best for reproducing significant muscle growth effects on the body.


Whey is the most soluble and richest type of this macronutrient. It is significantly more nutritious than soy, rice, egg, meat, hemp and other forms of protein.

Great for Weight Loss

Studies show that Whey promotes fat loss while increasing lean muscle mass. During several trials, even though test subjects consumed the same amount of protein and calories over the d...

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5G stands for the fifth generation of the next wireless mobile standard.

First of all, 5G cellular technology is dangerous because it emits Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation. And it does so at ultra high frequencies and with ultra high intensity, compared to earlier technologies. The World Health Organization classified RF Radiation as a possible “carcinogenic” in 2011. There are literally hundreds of peer reviewed scientific studies linking RF Radiation to things like cancer, crib death, DNA damage (especially in infants and fetuses) and male infertility. Also, because of the limits of the frequencies used, for users to have good reception, it is estimated they will need to put a ...

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Press Release


To Your Health Receives 2018 Best of Bedford Award

Bedford Award Program Honors the Achievement

BEDFORD November 30, 2018 -- To Your Health has been selected for the 2018 Best of Bedford Award in the Vitamin & Supplements category by the Bedford Award Program.

Each year, the Bedford Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Bedford area a great place to live, work and play.

Various sourc...

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